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Oxford VR is built on the ground-breaking work of Daniel Freeman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University and Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Freeman has been one of the pioneers of the use of virtual reality to understand and treat mental health problems, with research funded by the Wellcome Trust, the UK Medical Research Council, and the NHS National Institute of Health Research.

Oxford VR’s focus is on developing clinically validated, cost-effective, user-centred treatments for clinical conditions with significant impact on patients, the health system and wider economy. Our treatments are automated, with the therapy delivered by a virtual coach, enabling us to increase dramatically access to the best therapies.

We know that the most effective treatments are active: patients go into the situations they find difficult and practise more helpful ways of thinking and behaving. This is often impractical in face-to-face therapy, but easily done in VR.

When VR is done properly, the experience triggers the same psychological and physiological reactions as real-life situations. And that means that what people learn from the VR therapy can help them in the real world.

Oxford VR is committed to developing treatments in partnership with clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders. As such, we’d be delighted to hear from potential partners in both the clinical and technological areas.

Oxford VR is a spinout company from the University of Oxford. The principal investor is Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), which has raised over £600 million to bring Oxford's ideas to the world.

OSI is guided and powered by some of the world's leading organisations including the University of Oxford, Google Ventures, IP Group, Sir Charles Dunstone, Lansdowne Partners, Wellcome Trust, Tencent, and the Red Mile Group.


Daniel Freeman
Chief Clinical Officer Professor of Clinical Psychology and NIHR Research Professor University of Oxford
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Barnaby Perks
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Freeman
Chief Operating Officer

Katie Bedborough
Chief Financial Officer

Christophe Faucherand
Chief Product Officer

Sam Gage
Head of VR Development

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Andrew Forster
Lead Artist

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Head of VR Strategy

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